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Latest news from the club - march 2022

Dear Members,

Welcome to Brent Knolls first news round up of 2022. I hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to spring with it’s light nights and hopefully warmer days.

What's new for the club

  • New committee members - We have welcomed 2 new committee members Helen White and Amanda Holmes and said goodbye to Tracy Bayes from last year.

  • Juniors - The minimum age for Junior members is now 10yrs old

  • Vouchers - will be valid for 12 months from date issued - although due to Covid, any from 2021 can be used until end December 2022. They can be used to go towards any club event, entries, lessons, social etc. There will be a new system which will be contactless, you will be given a Code number when your voucher is issued, details will be kept by Nicola. They are given out for helping, so half a day/3 hours will give you a value of £10, you can accrue your hours, so if you do two lots of help for that gets you a voucher.

2022 BKRC events

  • We plan to run a Summer dressage series June/July/Aug and also another winter dressage series Oct / Nov / Dec / Jan.

  • There will be a Members Only Points Accumulator, with points awarded on placings thought the series.

  • A members only show is planned for early August

  • We are aiming to bring back the Spring Show next year which was always really well attended and enjoyed.

  • We are doing another Showing online photo competition as the last one was so popular - please see 'online entries' page for more information coming soon!

  • We hope to have some social and non ridden events organised soon - more to follow.


  • Rhea will continue to organise the clubs lessons. A member only WhatsApp Group has been set up for 'Member Lessons' so you can get advanced notice of lessons before they go online. Please message Rhea if you are not already in the group.

  • Rhea has organised a "Test Riding Clinic, with Alaina Webster for 12th April, details out soon,

  • We are running 'Back to Basic' training, these lessons will be aimed at the those who want to do low key lessons because they have been out of riding for a while and need to get going again, (or can’t breath after 10 mins lol.) or a very green/novice horse, pony or rider that needs confidence building lessons, they start in April dates - so more info out shortly.

  • There will also be lessons for Junior members only - as requested.

What's new for Area competitions

  • BKRC Area 12 contact - Area 12 events are now being coordinated by new committee member Amanda Holmes. A list of upcoming events can be found on our events calendar you can 'filter' the events by typing in 'Area 12'

  • Show days - Please remember when competing at Area you are representing Brent Knoll and you actions reflect on the club, so please can people try to follow the rules, be on time and polite to stewards and officials, keep your parking space 'poo free', (I know some places have CCTV and fine people for rule breaks!). If there are any grievances let Amanda know ASAP, or the area steward present - it may be possible to lodge a complaint. As ever we thank everyone for making the effort in representing us.

  • Hat changes - from 2023 there will be a new rules on which Hats you can wear from January 2023 the following hats are NO longer accepted at area events PAS 015 1998 and SNELL 2001, new tags will be issued at area events.

  • Whips - Don't forget there were whip change rules also last year and only the jockey style whips are permitted.

Finally - if there is anything you would like us to run or think would be a crowd pleaser get in touch, it is your club and your committee work very hard to make it a great, friendly club that all members feel there is something in it for them. If you haven’t re-joined please do as soon as you can, we can’t have a club without you. Hope to see you out somewhere soon. Hilary BKRC Chair

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