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BKRC Membership

Become a member of Brent Knoll RC

Brent Knoll offers both a range of riding membership for Senior and Junior members, and also a 'social', non-riding membership. All membership types are eligible for our exclusive BKRC member discounts.

Please note:

  • Senior membership is for 18+ years old at the date you sign up 

  • Junior members aged 10-17 years ol

Check out our membership options below: 

Membership runs for 12 months from the day you sign up

site membership

How to join

From January 2024 there is a new process from British Riding Clubs:

For the Senior, Junior and Family 'full' memberships

where you are affiliated to British Riding Club as a BKRC member, you now need to sign up and renew membership through their new BRC Membership Portal (Click to follow link).

If you are already a member of BKRC or another riding club...

Please enter the email address you provided to join us originally - as your data has already been uploaded - and then simply follow the 'forgot password' process to reset your password and gain access to your membership. You can then renew with BKRC.

If you are new to BRC and BKRC

Please enter the email address you would like to use for your membership and then follow the steps to create an account.


You will then be able to 'view' your profile and sign up to BKRC by heading to the 'club memberships' tab, selecting "Add a club" and choosing BKRC from the list. From there you will be prompted to choose your membership type and pay online. 

** IMPORTANT** Once you have signed up through the BRC portal, you will receive a further email from us collecting your usual membership questionnaire details. Please complete this as it includes details required for insurance purposes for you to attend our training clinics and shows.

Join now

For the 'Training Only' and 'Social/parent/owner' memberships:

These can be purchased through the BKRC site.

Please note that these do not include affiliated BRC membership

  • Training Membership

    For people who are members of another BRC club but want to train with BKRC at a discounted rate
    Valid for 12 months
    • Discounted rates on lessons
  • Social / parent / owner membership

    For non riding members
    Valid for 12 months
    • Perfect for the non-riding club supporter

We look forward to welcoming you! 

BKRC Committee


Exclusive BKRC Member discounts

Shared riding lesson_edited.jpg



2nd & 3rd lessons to be booked and paid for together

- includes travel costs

- excludes any arena hire costs

- excludes club lessons

Contact Alaina to Book

  • Contact Millie Robinson Veterinary Physiotherapist

07725 626352

  10% Discount 

Millie is offering Brent Knoll Riding Club Members a 10% discount on all treatments, manual techniques, electrotherapies and exercise prescriptions.

Please state this discount at booking




This discount is exclusive to Brent Knoll RC members, is ONLY available at the Draycott shop on everything EXCEPT horse feed, supplements, leatherwork or repairs. 

mendip towing training.png

Call 07901 551112



Excludes cost of test
Quote BKRC on booking

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