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BKRC affiliates to the E-riders Riding Club League

If you are a dressage diva without wheels (transport) or just prefer to compete from home, E-riders Riding Club League is for you!

Not all of our members are able to travel and some aren't wanting to compete at a big Area 12 Shows, so we've found a new way to help our members compete for the club!

E-riders is an online dressage competition with a Riding Clubs 'league'. Each month they offer a selection of tests from Intro to Elementary that you can 'enter'.

All you need is an arena and a friend who's handy with a mobile phone and can film your test (including zooming).

What is it?

E-riders is an online dressage competition, where each month you can enter one of their selected tests (ranging from Intro to Elementary) simply by submitting a video of you and your horse doing the test at home. You can wear your show gear or your home gear in the video.

as the name suggests – is one of the competitions run by E-riders especially for Riding Clubs. Each month members submit their video tests and points are awarded for those people being placed from 1st to 10th, with 10 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 10th place. The points gained by all Horse & Rider combinations from each Riding Club are then added together to give the Club a total points score. Then, at the end of the league (which is a fixed 6 month period - see the E-rider website for more details) a trophy is awarded to the winning Club along with certificates and prizes for the top 3 Clubs.

There are prizes for individuals too!

1st Prize for each class is a Treat Tub Voucher from Baileys Horse Feeds. Plus, at the end of the league the individual Horse & Rider combo with the most points will receive goody bags from Baileys Horse Feeds.

To enter you simply head to the ‘shop’ and select “Ring H – Riding Clubs League”, or use this link to go directly to the entry form. Then just enter your name, your horses name, select Brent Knoll from the Dropdown list and the class you wish to enter - see screen shots for instructions. ​After that, all you have to do is submit your video and then wait to receive your marked test sheet and hopefully a rossie! All results are published online. Please note – videos MUST be filmed from A and in ‘landscape mode’ - otherwise you’ll lose 2 marks.


Please read the rules for filming before you get started and then opt to upload by Facebook, YouTube or by their FTP link - again check out the rules page to see how to upload your videos and about the eligible tack! Also if you choose to use your show gear, they have asked that your horse wears bandages to show you are not actually at a show.

Wait! I want to do more!

Well, there’s more to choose from!

Once you have the whole ‘competing from home’ bug, we hope that each month you’ll enter yourself into the Riding Club League under BKRC, but if you want to do it more than once a month, then you have lots more options to choose from:

Categories include:

  • 20x40 Dressage tests - from Intro to Medium

  • 20x60 long arena tests, choose from Prelim or Novice/Elementary

  • Veteran League for horses over 15 years from Intro to Elementary

  • Musical Dressage – intro, prelim or novice freestyle DTM

  • Eventing Tests – choose from BE90 and BE100 options

  • E-riders Team Dressage (August only)

    • team of 3 – one rider to ride at Intro, one at Prelim and one at Novice

    • team of 4 – one rider to ride at Intro, one at Prelim and one at Novice, the 4th rider can choose to ride at any level from intro to Elementary – best 3 scores to count.

And many more!!!!

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