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More important updates from BRC for 2023

Hat Guidelines From 1st January 2023, BRC will no longer be accepting the following 2 hat standards. 1. PAS O15 1998 2. SNELL 2001 The PAS 015 2011 and SNELL 2016 will continue to be accepted.

If you have turquoise hat tags on your hat these will need to be replaced with new pink hat tags at events. Body Protector Guidelines BRC will continue to accept the BETA Level 3 Purple Label 2009 standard until 1 Jan 2024, then it will no longer be accepted.

Class Changes for 2023 championships:

  • Senior and Junior Pairs at the National Championships at Lincoln will be amalgamated into a Mixed Pairs class from 2023.

  • Dressage to Music Open Pairs and Novice Pairs will be amalgamated into one class with open eligibility using the Novice Pairs test from 2023. The 110 SJ will remain as is for Intermediate Winter Competition for 2023 but from 1 October will drop down to 105 SJ for 2024 Championships. The 110 SJ at Lincoln will become 105 SJ in 2023. Due to lack of entries the Dressage Team of 4 Class at Lincoln will not take place in 2023.

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