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A well deserved WIN for Kaye Popham and Hennesy at the NATIONAL HORSE TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIPS

We couldn't be more pleased to hear the news that Kaye Popham and Hennesy had absolutely aced it at the National Horse Trial Championships at Swalcliffe bringing home the frillies once again. What a truly amazing result. We're all very proud of you both at Team BKRC! See Kaye's review below!

What an absolutely amazing time we had at the NAF BRC National Horse Trials Championships! Henny you were just a super star. Finishing in joint first place on a score of 28 … I still can’t believe we did it! So proud of the big man, he tried his heart out for me and jumped his socks off too 🦄❤️

How the day panned out: A lovely forward dressage, gave us a super start with a score of 26. Then on to our show jump, where Henny only went and jumped a bloody clear … over the moon was an understatement! We then headed out on the XC with a very keen Henny well up for it. What a fab round, taking on everything in his path … a little miscommunication at fence 4 put all our hearts in our mouth - but a bit of luck and some sticky jods we hung on in there, thank god!! A little reality check for me, reminding me of how important it was for us to be on the same page coming into these solid fences, meant I did check well on the rest of the course, but we were still flying … right up until Henny decided he’d take a little look at the second water 🙈 thank god for luck and sticky jods again and that Henny didn’t step back … he graciously trotted on and out over the brush … OMG talk about keeping us on our toes!! Foot down, we then flew the last three fences and through the finish to jump clear, but with 5 pesky time penalties to add … still finishing on a score of 28 … 🤩 … if only we knew they’d be the decider on the first and second placing 🙈

It really was just the best of days with love and support from the just the bestest people … and Henny ❤️🦄❤️

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