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Area 12 Horse Trials - Kaye Popham takes individual 2nd place & qualifies for the Championships

Team BKRC headed back to Pontispool ready for the Area 12 Horse Trials qualifiers. We were delighted to be sending two teams - albeit two teams of three, which meant the pressure was on for both teams with no drop score.

Team BKRC Blue included Abi Clifton, Naomi Kaye and Kaye Popham, with Team BKRC Teal including new member Ellie Oakley and Timmy doing their first ever event, Amanda Holmes on new ride Minstrel also doing their first event together and Kelly Logan with Fred.

The day yielded mixed results for the teams. With 4 members getting top 10 placings, 1 retiring on the XC and one elimination in the show jumping. But we have to say the team certainly looked smart in their BKRC blue XC kit.

Well done to:

  • Kaye Popham and Hennesy for finishing in 2nd place on a score of 30 - 26 Dressage, 4 faults SJ and clear inside the time XC!

  • Abi Clifton and Risky for finishing in 11th place on a score of 42.5, with a 25.7 dressage, 8 SJ and clear XC just adding 8.8 time faults

  • Amanda Holmes and Minstrel for finishing in 14th place on a score of 44.4, with a 34 dressage, 8 SJ and clear XC adding just 2.4 time faults

  • Ellie Oakley and Timmy for finishing in 12th place on 43.3, with a 37.5 dressage, 4 faults SJ and clear XC adding just 1.6 time faults to their score

Commiserations to Kelly and Naomi - sometimes it's just one of those days.

Having missed out so narrowly on the National Championships at the previous two events, lets hope Kaye Popham and the wonderful Hennessy get to make their Championships debut at Swalcliffe in August.

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