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Area 12 Combined Training Qualifier - BKRC team 2nd!

Finally allowed to compete for our Senior Teams, Abi Clifton and Risky [Infinite Risk] took Pontispool by storm winning their class (Prelim 14 with 75cm SJ) on their dressage score, with a beautiful clear round and qualifying for ANOTHER the National Championships!

Not to be outdone by her daughter, Naomi and Jazz (Majd Aljazeera) who were riding Novice 24 and doing the 85cm SJ for the team, also finished on their dressage score (with a clear round SJ) scoring 33.5 for 4th place.

But team BKRC were on a roll, with Kaye Popham & Hennesy (Whatever Floats Your Boat) who were riding the Novice 30 and also jumping 85cm for the team, also coming 4th on 36.9. 32.9 Dressage and just a pole for 4 faults to add.

Final team rider Jayne Harman & BamBam, who were riding Prelim 7 and jumping the 75cm course certainly kept up with their team members scoring a very classy 31.6 in the dressage, rolling a pole in the SJ to add 4 faults and 4 time faults to their score. Finishing on 39.6 and taking 11th place.

Which meant that the team finished in 2nd place, pipped to the post and the national championships qualification by just 1 point to the team from Quantock. Well done team BKRC!!

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