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** New for 2023 ** BRC announces new HT70 class

25 Nov 2022

If you opened your 'Rider' magazine you may have spotted that BRC has introduced a new 70cm class at the horse trial qualifiers! It will be a mixed class in that a team can include both juniors and seniors. Winners of the HT70 qualifiers will get to go to the Championships at Swalfcliffe Park, Banbury on 4-6 August.

But there's even MORE exciting news.

The championship of the HT80 for seniors will now run as the 2 DAY LONG FORMAT - so it will include the roads and tracks and steeplechase phases, previously only run in this format for HT90 and HT100! HT90 and HT100 will now also be 3 day long format - live the dream of being at Badminton!! So with a reshuffle to the programme the championship schedule it will now run as follows:

Friday 4 August Mixed 70 and Junior 80 HT 1 day short format

Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 August Senior 80 and Junior 90 2 day long format

Friday 4 - Sunday 6 August Senior 90 and Mixed 100 3 day long format

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