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Intermediate Winter Dressage Qualifiers, KSEC

Our members headed back to KSEC, this time for the Intermediate Dressage Qualifiers. In this competition, one member rides a Prelim test, two ride a Novice test and the fourth team member rides an Elementary test. Tests can also be ridden individually. It took a long time for the scores to finally come out but we came away with team 4th.

After a bad car day, Emma Pearce finished 2nd in Prelim 14, Amanda Holmes was 5th, Laura Richardon was 4th (after a trip to A&E to get her finger stitched up!) Anna Lewis was 3rd in Elementary 44 and Mel was 2nd also in Elementary 44. Another fantastic result from the wonderful members representing BKRC. Thank you and Well Done!

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