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Brent Knoll's Diamonds in the Rough - BD Quest

30 July was a busy day for BKRC, with a team of 4 out for the BD Quest at Badgworth and 3 show jumping teams at KSEC.

I think it's safe to say that we're all packing snorkels and flippers with our competition gear this summer as we head out to shows! Whilst it's always nice to do Summer competitions in the sunshine... (Sigh)... the rain certainly isn't stopping team BKRC's successes!

Riding for the BD Quest swimming team - Diamonds in the Rough - were:

  • Naomi Parker-Jones and Silver Dream

  • Jo Ritchie and Mollywee Lockie

  • Jayne Harman and Bam Bam

  • Kelly Logan and Freddie of the Fern

BKRC team shines through the storm - pipped to 1st by 0.46!

For anyone not familiar with BD Quest there are two 'streams' to the competition - My Quest and Team Quest. You can ride in both on the same day. Team Quest has 7 members, just 4 of those riders compete for the team in each competition.

Sarah Bale and Fonzie were due to be on the team but when work summoned her in, Naomi - who until Saturday evening was riding individually - stepped up to join the team.

However, having entered the My Quest Intro and Prelim classes individually, Naomi now had a third test to remember and ride and so deserves high praise for:

  1. Learning and the remembering THREE different tests!!

  2. Not just remembering them but coming away from each with really good scores and FOUR frillies - one for each class and one for the team!

  3. Warming up in biblically wet weather - THREE times!!

Pictures of Naomi and Silver Dream strutting their stuff.

Our team members - Jayne Harman, Jo Ritchie and Naomi - all did fabulous My Quest tests (Prelim 12) coming 1st, 3rd and 5th. With Jayne winning on 72.96% and great scores from Jo and Naomi too, there was an exciting lead up to the Team event.

First to go in the Team Quest Prelim 14 was Jo Ritchie and Mollywee Lockie. They did a beautiful test, scoring 68.27% and taking 2nd place in the class, just pipped by our second team rider - the ever successful Jayne and BamBam - who scored 70.19% for the win. The prelim scores were close and Naomi and Silver strutted once again for a 67.31% and into 4th place.

Last to go for Team BKRC were Kelly Logan (me) and Freddie of the Fern. 40 mins of what is laughably termed warming up in freezing cold, soaking rain. I knew I was just as wet as my team mates had been and whilst warming up consisted of working in and wiping water off my face (I never knew your eyebrows could collate so much water!!) I was grateful that the test at least would be indoors. You can sort of see how soggy we were in our pic! Anyhoo, keeping it 'active and forward' to get the blood flowing, I was delighted and stunned to see we had come second in our first BD Novice test with 68.81% helping to secure team 2nd.

The team scores were REALLY close. With the winning team on 207.73 and Brent Knoll's Diamonds in the rough collectively on 207.27!

Well done to the team for keeping going in such horrdendous weather conditions and for riding such cracking tests! Here's to the next one!!

Jo and Mollywee Lockie

Jayne and Bam Bam

Kelly, Freddie and the team scores

If you'd like to get involved with Brent Knoll BD Quest please contact Sarah Bale.


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