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BRC National Horse Trials Championships, Swalcliffe

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Congratulations to our hard working committee member - Laura Richardson - for their individual completion at the Horse Trials Championships. Here's Laura's account of the day:

"Today Sunny and I competed at the BRC National Horse Trials Championship at Swalcliffe.
The day started very badly as I was woken up at 3am with a horrendous migraine, nausea and sickness, to the point I could not talk or move..!! After A LOT of drugs I managed to get my self dressed. I thought I might only manage to sort sunny out and had written the day off as I was so sick, but my amazing sister stepped in and did all the heavy work. I managed the dressage test still trying not to be sick and got a score of 32.3, which was pretty good considering. I started to feel a bit better by the time we got to the Show Jumping phase and we had just had an unlucky 4 faults. BUT in the XC, we went clear inside the time!! 😅 Sunny is just amazing and looks after me, even when I'm riding like a bag of potatoes with a migraine. We finished 16th in my section (losing 5th place due to the 4 faults SJ) - it was tight at the top!
Thanks to Brent knoll Riding Club for allowing me to represent the Club. Sorry no ribbons this time."


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