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BKRC represented in ALL FOUR Championships Classes at SWWRC

Brent Knoll RC normally gets a qualification for one or possibly two of the four championship classes at the South West and Wales Riding Club Champs, but this year we were blown away by our members - with teams qualifying for EVERY class at the Area 12 Qualifiers this year.

This provided quite a juggling act with times for the organisers! And we're so proud of BKRC for not only qualifying for every class but for representing the club in good spirits, good sportsmanship and coming home with a rather large selection of rossies!

Well done to everyone who took part and particular thanks go to:

  • BKRC members Amanda Holmes and Gillian Dosson who volunteered their services for the whole day as helpers - we are unable to send a team to the champs without a helper per class!

  • To Amanda and Hilary for providing a banquet for BKRC competitors and grooms - much appreciated and very tasty nosh!

  • and also thanks again to chair Hilary for supporting every members competing for the club, watching every test and show jumping round and being there to congratulate every single member even when you had your knee strapped up and it was clearly difficult to move around. Your support makes competing for the club an honour.

Teams and results as follows:

Riding Test Championship - Team 5th

(2 riders to ride Prelim, 2 to ride Novice)

  • Prelim - Yvonne Eaves & Little Miss Rock Star + Individual 6th - 80 points

  • Prelim - Joanna Cox & Busketts Bouncer + Individual 10th - 78 points

  • Novice - Rhea Kellow & Arkansas B + Individual 6th - 93.5 points

  • Novice - Kaye Popham & Whatever floats your boat - individual 14th 82 points

Style Jumping Championship - Team 3rd

(2 riders to ride 75cm, 2 to ride 85cm)

  • 75cm - Jessica Murray and Ava-May - jumping clear to score 119.5 points and 4th place individually

  • 85cm - Kaye Popham & Whatever floats your boat - jumping clear to score 134 points and 3rd place individually

  • 85cm - Dave Luff & Dabinett's Delegate - jumping clear to score 123 points and 8th place individually

Fourth team member Rhea Kellow & Arkansas B also jumped in the 75cm, but Ron decided that really this was the day for dressage and after a few naughty antics (see pics below) gracefully retired after fence 3....

Prelim Dressage Championship - Team just out of placings

(All 4 riders to ride a different prelim test)

  • Yvonne Eaves & Little Miss Rock Star - placed 4th Individually

  • Joanna Cox & Busketts Bouncer - placed 10th individually

  • Rhea Kellow & Arkansas B

  • Victoria Harding & Princess Aurora

Novice 80/85cm Championship

(All 4 riders to ride two rounds, first round 80cm, second round 85cm to include a jump off with 2 fences at 90cm)

  • Kaye Popham & Whatever floats your boat - jumping clear in both rounds for individual 10th

  • Kelly Logan & Freddie of the Fern - finishing with 4 faults from two rounds (4 faults round one, clear round two) to finish joint 15th individually

  • Dave Luff & Dabinnett's Delegate - Jumping clear in round one, but retiring second round

  • Charlotte Barrett & Parkfield Queen of Hearts - had an unfortunate mis-communication during the round one course, which meant that meant sadly they were eliminated, but both back will be back to represent BKRC

How the day went down in their own words (and pictures!):

Rhea Kellow & Arkansas B

SWWRC championships done!!

Individual 6th in novice riding test, team 5th, individual 15th in prelim.

With a 9am time for the first of 3 classes (the style jumping) - we had a very early start. I don't think this really set Ron in the right mood. After a naughty time in the jumping (causing me to retire after fence 3!) I told Ron he had to buck his ideas up or I’d be sending him home!

A little miscommunication in our prelim test but still happy with a fab score of 65.38% - he then went so amazingly in the novice riding test to score 93.5marks out of 110 for individual 6th.

Enjoy some shots of our cheeky behaviour in the jumping and our final attempt at fence 3!

Yvonne Eaves & Little Miss Rock Star

Yvonne rode two beautiful Prelim tests to score 67.31% (just 1% off the winning score) for 4th place in the Prelim Dressage and scoring 80 points (72%) in the Riding Test Class to take individual 6th and help the team to 5th place - this is such a lovely partnership to watch, so accurate, so rhythmical and so in sync with each other.

Kaye Popham and Whatever Floats Your Boat

Henny was on fire at the SWWRC Championships at Hartpury … he jumped his absolute socks off, jumping 3 CLEAR rounds and strutting his stuff in the novice riding test too … Bringing home an individual 3rd in the 85cm Style Jumping, an individual 10th in the 80cm Show Jumping (out of 49 starters) and an individual 14th in the Riding Test, along with a Team 3rd in the Style Jumping and Team 5th in the Riding Test for Brent Knoll Riding Club!!

Absolutely amazing results all round and Henny was just a super star as ever again, I still can’t quite believe we jumped 3 clears, just after we were thinking he was a one round wonder bless him … lol

Honestly, he tried his heart out and I and Team Henny too were just over the moon - What a way to end our Summer Pony Parties

Huge thank you to Clare and Cliff for escorting us last weekend, lush picnic and top cups of tea and thank you for all your help getting Henny ready and unready while I walked courses and changed kit couldn’t do it without you xx

Well done to everyone competing for BKRC, you all did amazing and thank you to everyone in the club who helped and volunteered and supported us too, a super team effort … thank you

Kelly Logan and Freddie of the Fern

My clever little flying machine finished the two rounds in the Novice SJ Champs on 4 faults. Clipped one in the first round due to rider over keenness to make a turn (which really wasn't necessary in the first round!), then a determined clear in the second.

Thank you Brent Knoll Riding Club team for the opportunity to jump with you all at the SWWRC Champs and to Kim for driving us to Hartpury and being a wonderful groom all day.


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