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Area 12 Summer Dressage Qualifiers

On 8th July, 6 BKRC members headed to Chard for the ‘summer area 12 dressage qualifiers’. The use of the word 'Summer' is somewhat laughable, since the weather was shocking with thunder storms and torrential downpours BUT all our riders rode amazing tests and everyone came away with rosettes!

First of our riders was Junior member Evie Keedwell & Thatchers Gold riding Prelim 7 and scoring an amazing 63.41% for an individual 3rd! Well done Evie for taking part in your FIRST Area event for the club, we are excited for your future events.

Second up was Jayne Harman & BamBam riding in prelim 13 scoring 68.08% and bagging a 5th individually out of 19 and helping the team to a 5th place position! Well done Jayne!

[N.B. pic of Jayne not from 2023 comp]

Our third rider wasn’t so lucky with the weather (just look at it coming down in the picture!!) and had to contend with thunder and torrential rain during their test! So a HUGE well done to Sarah Bale & Murrayhall Fonzie CG riding Prelim 7 for a 62.50% scoring 10th out of 15 and helping the team to score a 5th. Their first outing in 18 months too! We are delighted to have Sarah and Fonzie back out competing for us after a long road of recovery.

The weather continued to hammer down, staying horrid for our last three riders who probably would have looked better attired in wetsuit, snorkels and flippers than our dressage kits.

However, 4th to go for Team BKRC was Rhea Kellow & Arkansas B riding Prelim 18. They scored a cracking 67.88% for a individual 6th out of 21 again helping the team to Team 5th place.

Rhea also rode Prelim 14 scoring 65% for individual 10th place (of 19) BUT taking second place in the qualifying section - so we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will be invited to the Lincolnshire championships.

BKRC's 5th rider was Naomi Parker Jones & Silver Dream Mirath riding Prelim 18, they scored a 66.73% for individual 9th out of 21 and coming 1st in the qualifying section - meaning Naomi has secured a place at the National Championships in Lincoln! Super well done!

Our final rider of the day was Yvonne Eaves with Little Miss Rox Star - we love watching this combination, such genuine harmony between the two. They were riding Prelim 14 scoring a 64.04% for individual 15th out of 19 and again team 5th.

Having finished 5th our team riders - Jayne, Sarah, Rhea & Yvonne - are now waiting for confirmation for their spot at the SWWRC championship at Hartpury in August!

Well done to all our riders in difficult weather despite it meant to be ‘ summer’. Thank you also to Amanda for organising the teams! If anyone wishes to represent BKRC in any future events, please check out the teams event page, fill in the forms or email Amanda!


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