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Diamonds in the Rough - 2nd place at the first BD Quest competition of the Winter League

BKRC's Diamonds in the Rough BD Quest Team have started the new Winter League season by securing 2nd place points for the team.

Ironically, having been drenched through most of summer competitions, the first of the winter league competitions at Badgworth Arena on 30 Sept was unseasonably warm, and with drizzly rain making an on/off appearance, conditions became pretty muggy and humid. This sudden turn of temperatures led to very pink faced competitors and slightly lethargic ponies. However, BKRC's Diamonds in the Rough pulled 2nd place for the team out of the bag.

Riding for the BD Quest swimming team - Diamonds in the Rough - were:

  • Jayne Harman and Bam Bam (Bam)

  • Rhea Kellow and Arkansas B (Ron)

  • Kaye Popham and Whatever Floats Your Boat (Henny)

  • Kelly Logan and Freddie of the Fern (Fred)

With individual successes in the My Quest - joint 3rd for Jayne & Bam and Rhea & Ron, (both scoring 67.59% in Prelim 12) and 2nd place for Kaye & Henny in Novice 24, the Team competition was on!

First up for the team was the ever reliable Jayne & Bam, who rode a lovely test to score 68.41% and take 3rd place again, followed by Rhea & Ron also producing a lovely second test to score 66.82% and take 4th place. Setting the team up for a good combined score.

Kaye and Henny were first up in the Novice 27 Team Quest Class, once again dancing their way to the Win! They were followed by Kelly and Fred, not one of his better tests, polite but lacking sparkle, and yet still dancing his way to 2nd place!

And so when the day concluded, BKRC's Diamonds in the Rough had secured second place and points on the leaderboard for the Team Quest Winter League

Well done again ladies!

We wanted to acknowledge with a special note from BKRC to Rhea Kellow, who competed on Ron having suffered the tragic sudden loss of her beloved Paris the night before.

Rhea didn't wish to let the team down, and whilst we all would have 100% understood the decision not to ride, we recognise it took superhuman strength to come out and compete for BKRC.

Ron stepped up, doing brilliant tests for his mum that day. We are very proud of you both.

Kaye & Whatever Floats Your Boat

Jayne and Bam Bam and the team scores

Kelly and Fred

If you'd like to get involved with Brent Knoll BD Quest please contact Sarah Bale.


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